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    Shincha Powder Drink

    Shincha Powder

    Green Tea Powder From First Picked Leaves

    Shincha Powder is made from finely ground high quality Shincha green tea leaves which are the first picked in early spring. It is very aromatic in the just opened package and can be conveniently prepared to a fine, light, smooth tasting liquid. Shincha green tea powder delivers the true taste of Japanese tea and is ideal for use at home and work or while traveling.

    • 20 grams (.7 ounces)
    • Makes 20 100 ml servings of tea

    Preparation Suggestion:
    Add approximately one gram of powder to 100 ml of hot or cold water in a cup and stir. A measuring spoon is included.

    500 ML Bottled Water Preparation Suggestion: Please view the image below
    Add two or more spoonfuls according to your desired taste of Shincha Powder to your favorite 500 ML bottled water and shake. Then enjoy the pleasing color, rich smooth taste and health benefits that mass produced bottled tea products (even so-called "small batch") can't offer. Please note that if not consumed right away, some of the powder will settle to the bottom of your bottle, so simply shake again if desired. Please store the bottled liquid in your refrigerator after preparation if not consumed relatively soon.


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