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Kagoshima tea

Better health in each delicious cupful.

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Gluten Free
Dairy free
JAS Certified Organic

Kagoshima tea

Kagoshima Prefecture is the second leading producer of Japanese green tea. Each delicious cupful provides an abundance of proven health benefits. Please experience the superior quality and taste of our selection of green tea bags, loose leaf green teas and green tea powders which are quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Kagoshima green tea is a splendid choice.

Variety of kagoshima tea

Presently the Yabukita cultivar represents 41% of total tea production in Kagoshima compared to a national proportion of 76%.

Yabukita production is smaller in Kagoshima Prefecture due to the fact that an astounding variety of new camellia sinenses cultivars have been developed there in the last three decades.

Twenty eight percent of Kagoshima green tea comes from the Yutaka Midori cultivar followed by smaller amounts from the Sae Midori and Asatsuyu.

Others include the Okumusashi, Kanaya Midori, Zairai, Asanoka, and Sakura Jima. Tea leaves from two or more of these cultivars are often blended to achieve the desired aroma and taste balance.

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kagoshima tea

Premium Kagoshima tea direct from farms.

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