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Subscription FAQ

Subscription Program FAQ 

  • Do I have to subscribe to get your product?
    No. All the products on our site can be purchased one-time only. If you subscribe, you get 5% off, and you can cancel anytime. 

  • How does my subscription work?
    If you are a new customer, your first shipment consists of the tea you choose to order. 
    After that, you'll receive deliveries of the same tea every 15, 30 or 60 days depends on the cycle you choose.
    Your credit card will be charged each time your tea are shipped and you can cancel at any time.
    • What is the shipping charge on a subscription order?
      Whichever the shipping method you choose on the first order will be retained for all the future order. If you choose free shipping today, it will lock-in the free shipping for all the time until you unsubscribe.

    • I don't drink tea that often. Can I get shipments less frequently?
      Definitely. You can select a 60 days option. After you set up your automated subscription, you may change how frequently you receive shipments.

    • Is the subscription price I see only for the first order?
      No. The price you see on the site is not only for the first order but also for the subscription's subsequent order. The price will not change as long as you are subscribed.

    • When will my first paid order be shipped?
      Your first paid order will be shipped immediately after you order.  

    • What happens if I want to try different tea? May I change my subscription? How?
      You can change your tea anytime without any fee for the next cycle. 
      You may also make changes to your subscription, such as altering the frequency of shipments, from your user profile. Or, if you need help, just contact our team at 1-800-380-7030 or

    • How can I specify the day of shipment or which day to ship for the subscription? 
      Your subscription will be automatically shipped based on the date of your first order. 
      For instance, if you order tea on September 1st and selected a 30 day cycle, your next shipment will be shipped on October 1st (30 days from the first order).
      If you want to make changes to the day when the subscription ships, please contact our team at 1-800-380-7030 or 

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